DATE:            January 31, 2008                     


TO:                 Crew Management Representatives                             


FROM:           Robert Schmitt, Director, CMS                         


SUBJECT:     Engineers National Roster


The enclosed roster is the official 2008 Amtrak Engineers National Roster. This roster will be open for protest through April 15, 2008. Protests can be submitted through the Amtrak Intranet under seniority rosters, by e-mail, by fax or can be addressed to:


Robert H. Schmitt

Director Manpower Utilization

Crew Management Services

15 S. Poplar Street

Wilmington, DE  19801


FAX 302-683-2160 or ATS 734-2160


Or by e-mail to




Below is a key for status and prior rights.


FUR: Furloughed

TRN: Train Service

LOA:  Leave of Absence

MLA: Medical Leave of Absence

INJ: Injured

BLE: Leave for BLE Union Representation

MGM: Management


Y: Prior rights to original zone

F: Conrail flow over prior rights NEC

YP:Prior rights PCS

YF:Prior rights to second engineer positions on original zone